Meet Verano

More About Me...

Male Gray Russian Blue Mix
Age: 7 years 11 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Unsure
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Unsure
Declawed: No

Hi, I am Verano! Like my brother Cosmo, we came into the Humane Tomorrow program after our dad of 6 years passed away. We had no where to go, no other family. But, now, we have the Humane Tomorrow family and we know they are going to find us the perfect new home, together. I am a big ball of fur who will climb into your lap for cuddles, purring contently, and even offer my belly for rubbing and all body brushing. But, I am also content to just be in the same room with you. I’ll happily plop down and sleep at your feet and be your shadow whenever you walk about. No, seriously. I’ll be with you literally walking in between your legs as you walk. I guess I just don’t want to ever be left alone again that I see it as my job to keep a good watch over you. I also talk some. Not excessively but I do like to chatter (in my grumpy-sounding voice) with you a bit. I love catnip toys and I’ll leap my big self in the air after wand toys like I am a kitten! My brother and I are both BIG cats (20 pounds each) and still will be after shedding the 3 pounds the doctor said needed to go. We were fed a poor quality food until coming to Humane Tomorrow. This new grain free stuff we eat now is AWESOME and keeps us from chowing at the food bowl all day long. Cosmo and I are very bonded which is why we are a packaged deal. We are great at taking turns for affection. And when we sleep together, nothing is sweeter. I promise we will make entertaining, loving companions for our new family.