Meet Dandy

More About Me...

Male Gray Russian Blue Mix
Age: 3 years 3 weeks
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Unsure
Good with Cats: Unsure
Good with Dogs: Unsure
Declawed: No

Look at that face! How irresistible is this boy? Meet Dandy. The crossed-eyes. The round face. The Russian Blue color. He is perfect: handsome and sweet and fun. Dandy is an easy going, mellow, SUPER affectionate, and playful cat. He is all about just hanging out in your lap and being petted and given chin scratches and brushed. He will just flop over on his back and fall asleep in your lap while making little kitty biscuits. He is a confident cat but those crossed-eyes do make it challenging for him at times to focus well so he will startle easily with new things and new places. But once he recognizes the person or object, he is comfortable and not at all phased. Dandy is such a happy boy when he sees his people or, really, any people! The more the merrier as that just means more people to pet and play with him. Dandy does have a back story that requires him to go to the right home. He lived his first couple of years of life in a rough hood on the streets. Fighting isn't his thing but he did get attacked once. And that attack came with a bite that gave him FIV (a disease specific to cats that weakens the immune system). FIV cats can live a healthy, normal life just like any other cat and can even share a home with another cat. They simply need to be kept stress-free indoors, fed a quality diet, and make their routine vet visits all to keep their risk of secondary infection to a minimum. Here is a quick Q/A guide on FIV: If you have a lap and a home perfect for Dandy, then do complete an application and we will set you up to meet this lover boy!