Meet Annie

More About Me...

Red Kelpie Mix
Age: 2 years 14 weeks
House Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: No
Good with Dogs: Yes

Howdy! My name is Annie, I’m a two year old, 40 lb Australian Kelpie mix. Humane Tomorrow saved me from doggie jail, and let me tell ya, I am so ready for a new home! I am 100% herd dog, give me a job to do, it will be my upmost priority to make you proud. I’m not too shabby on a leash either, run or walk, I like to go. I am a very happy pup, I love to smile, it should be obvious from my demeanor that you are my world. You know that look, the squinty eyes, sheepish grin, ears back, and a little wiggle and whine to top it off, that’s me. I get along with other dogs okay, but my person is where I’m most happy. I would say most other animals are things that need to be herded…um…somewhere. Toys are curious, I haven’t quite got the hang of them, but I’m getting there. Surprisingly I am very comfortable in my crate, but don’t be fooled, no lazy mutts here. Yes, I have lots of energy, but I just need the right someone to take me on lots of walks or maybe a place with lots of space to just do my thing. Treats are satisfying, but really, I want your attention more than anything in world, just a pet or two…or three.